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Kelly Isara Psychic Tarot Reader Digital Artist

Kelly Isara Psychic Tarot Reader Digital Artist

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I'm Kelly Isara

A professional Psychic Tarot reader in business since 2005.
I began reading studying Tarot cards 10 years prior.

I love Tarot and it's my first love. using it as a tool to explore unconscious, hidden messages to help navigate our life path more easily.

You can be confident of my 20 year experience and professional guidance.
My business commenced in 2005 

I have read at expos, hens night parties, corporate events, private parties, worked on numerous psychic phone lines and in person private consults, email readings and so many more. 

This means i have had exposure to many various formats of customers, environments readings and dealing with the companies that run these services.

My predictions aren't affected by the method I read. I have predicted in all formats.               I do not need to see you to be accurate.

I'm more clairaudient with my readings. 

My experience and knowledge of esoteric subjects is diverse.
A few examples include

  • Tarot,
  • Astrology,
  • Past Lives,
  • iching divination and
  • Feng shui. Getting in touch with spirits, guides, and angels, working with their divine power.
  • Playing cards and Lenormand cards,
  • Divine love, manifestation of energy,
  • The law of attraction & so much more.

I assist clients in finding the answers to their questions about love and their soul journeys through my guidance. 

I enjoy reading for people and offering simple answers. 

I will ask my tarot cards for you and just explore what they say. 

As a reader i know how important it is to bring support and hope to people.

 Backed by the accuracy of many successful predictions, see what insights await you in your love life, or any other important matter. Discover and explore with confidence.


I'm a Capricorn Sun / Aries moon / Pisces rising
I have pluto in my 8th house also amongst other aspects, but this is laser focused psychic energy brings my ability to the highest accuracy in my readings.

I live based in Melbourne, Australia with my 2 kitties, Dandelion & Lulu.
I also create self published indie oracle card decks.  

Contact me today for your personal reading. 

Kelly Isara 

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