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Celestial Love Reading

Celestial Love Reading

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 Celestial Love Reading 

A blend of love oracle cards and messages from the Astral  Lovers  oracle with guidance of  higher truth. Blending a  mix of love and higher cosmic truth. for your love situation or soul path. 

Give your love situation a cosmic perspective with Celestial Love Reading.

This unique blend of love oracle cards and messages from Astral Lovers gives you guidance from a higher truth.

Get a mix of love and higher cosmic truth to gain insight into your soul's path and find harmony.

Questions such as :

Where is this love heading? what is the energy of our love? 

What does my love feel about me? the purpose of our love relationship? 

You can ask any question about your love situation.


Both Decks Astral Lovers oracle & French vintage stamp love oracle

With added lenormand cards and or tarot  

Using Estimate 5 cards.  per question


For multiple questions: i redraw a new spread per question using 5 cards est. 

With audio message interpret of your cards. 

I'm better with talking than typing.

I will send to your email that you ordered from. 

( you can also order this for soul guidance on your path. not limited to love query) 

Clarification Draw

If you need more clarity about the reading and guidance you just received from your initial reading.   You can order a clarification draw

It's an extra 3 cards. Either oracle or Tarot etc. 

When ordering: 

Please be clear in your query to get the most accurate insights

Cards will be posted to you via email in your order

allow up to 48/72 hours delivery based on que orders ahead of you


Blessings Kelly Isara 

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