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French VintageStamp classic petite oracle

French VintageStamp classic petite oracle

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French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle

Australia and Worldwide

Beautiful deck with stunning images and intuitive love messages

I absolutely love this deck. I have received many compliments on it when using it on my tarot page. The artwork is very pretty and the messages on the cards are great to receive insight into one’s love life. Kelly is so kind and sent me some sample cards from her other decks. Shipping was also fast and sent very quickly after purchase. I would definitely recommend

the original deck published in 2013, 

In 2013, I decided to create a deck of simple love answers that my clients could discover between readings. Since then, it has been a customer favorite. In 2021, I redesigned and printed locally

 Whether you're single, dating online, or reuniting with a former love, this is perfect for you. You will find guidance in these cards as you grow on your soul's journey.

the 'Stamp' refers to the stamp/postal symbol on top corner
of each card to unify style, representing a message style card,
as days gone by with postage marks on letters.

Love it 💕I love the cards. It’s beautiful and well made. I quickly connected to it. I’ve been using it in my posts and reads, and I’ve received positive feedback on it.

Cards such as:

  • Wings of Love,
  • Destiny Point 
  • Closeness 
  • Reunion 
  • New Love 
  • Together forever 
  • Missing You 
  • Signs & synchronicity 
  • Luminous and many more

48 Oracle card size 3.5x 5.'

 Powerful in discovering relationship guidance,
answer such questions as:
*how will i best connect with my love?
*what do i need to know about making this love grow?
*what is this connection between us?
* where is my love life heading?

As the creator, i am stunned at the accuracy this deck speaks in client readings and my own personal card readings.

"Love the vibrant colors. as usual the cards read wonderfully" lightseeker "Thank you so much for the beautiful cards, book and golden bag!! I love them and they have been very accurate thus far! <3 I can't tell you how much I adore its cute and vintage style" Wendy

Gloss 350GSM : Sold Out

from Local Aussie printer gloss card stock.

Packed and shipped to you.  this is price per single deck plus postage and my delivery to you

Print On Demand version only avail 

this is printed and posted by printer and sent in plain package with traking 14-21days 

if you want me to pack and process your order here from my Melbourne studio with a pink bow its extra. 

Delivery time is 14-21 days 

POD from Online printer 

Or Gloss version packed by me to you 14-21 days 

Kelly Isara copyright 2013-2024

copyright design,creation and concept may not  be reproduced or any of the content on this store/listing without the permission of the copyright owner.

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