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Romantic Teacup Wisdom Oracle

Romantic Teacup Wisdom Oracle

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Old fashioned romantic love messages.

A time when courtship was an art form, with patience and time, the key in developing deep love & understanding.

Just about all of the cards have a symbol of a teacup, blended into the image.
since tea and romance are such a great companion to old fashioned Love 

Be inspired to find true love with the Romantic Teacup Wisdom Oracle. This deck of cards features old-fashioned love messages that evoke the timeless art of courtship.

Every card contains an illustration of a teacup, a reminder of the sweet companionship of tea and romance. Delight in the pleasurable pursuit of love with these beautiful cards.

Very unique and very beautiful romance cards. One of a kind. I love the size of the deck. I love the card stock and they are perfect in all ways. They feel like a very light deck filled with much love and you can feel the love when you hold the deck.
Thank you for creating such a beautiful deck.

Messages such as :

  • Heartfelt moments,
  • High tea,
  • Sunday afternoon,
  • Suitors,
  • Courtship, 
  • Sophisticated
  •  and so many more.

Discover the gentle, romantic power of the Teacup Wisdom Oracle – a luxurious oracle deck with soft and gentle inspirations to bring you wisdom in love. Perfect for when you need support and guidance, simply prepare a cup of tea and let its peacefulness help bring clarity to the questions you have about your life. Enjoy a delightful moment of solace or share the soothing energy with friends and loved ones.

This decks is suitable for all stages of love whether single, apart or together.
True wisdom for real romance friendship and courtship.

with the Romantic Teacup Wisdom Oracle. This 44-card deck comes with mostly light and uplifting messages, perfect for inspiring hope and positivity.

With only 4 cards conveying negative messages, this deck is the perfect pick for anyone looking for inspiring and helpful guidance.

Vintage Romance  Sweet sensitive guidance on love.

Discover sweet and sentimental romance with the Romantic Teacup Wisdom Oracle. Embark on a nostalgic journey of vintage romance as you receive intuitive guidance on love, feelings and matters of the heart.

 "I received the deck about two days ago and it is absolutely gorgeous. I like it more than the french vintage stamp oracle (and that deck has become one of my favorites!).You have such a talent for making decks and I can't wait to see what else you add to your shop. I love shiny gold so that is a okay with me. Best wishes,Natalia

Vintage Romance  Sweet sensitive guidance on love.
feelings and guidance needed for matters of the heart. 

First Printed in 2014
redesigned and repackaged in 2022
Customer Favourite 

POD ( print on demand) overseas printer 
( this has the text on back of cards ) 
size card 3.5x5

this is shipped direct from the printer to you 
Take about 14-21 days

Booklet  6x4 inch size  :

50 pages  easy layout for each card
* extended card meanings and keywords for cards.
*examples of how the cards may be relevant and with alternate interpret card meaning.
*some suggested combination meanings.

© Kelly Isara Romantic TeaCup Wisdom 2015-2022

copyright design,creation and concept may not  be reproduced or any of the content on this store/listing without the permission of the copyright owner.

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